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Phenomen Expert System

Analyzes order history, does RFMP (recency/frequency/monetary/product) segmentation and gives customer retention and development recommendations:
Frequency of orders by a customer
Amounts paid by a customer
List of goods and services ordered
Account Manager ID
Signals when the frequency of orders by a given customer goes down.
Does the RF (recency | frequency) analysis of the customer base on a regular basis. Gives promo recommendations for each segment. Tracks customer transitions from segment to segment.
Tracks conversion to the second order and recommends ways to increase it.
Monitors churn and gives the "last call promo" recommendations when the time is right.
Signals when the amounts in orders by a given customer decrease significantly and gives case improvement recommendations.
Calculates ARPU (average revenue per user) and segments customers by profitability. Signals when the customers transition customers from segment to segment.
Applies the Pareto principle and automatically identifies customers that are most profitable for the company and recommends actions to develop them.
Gives the "Often bought with this product" recommendations.
Analyzes the product consumption profile of each customer and gives recommendations based on the regularity of ordering certain goods.
Compares the performance of accounting and direct sales (wholesale etc) department managers by a wide range of parameters, from "work with new customers" to "work with leaving customers."
Informs the responsible manager of all important changes in the customer's lifecycle, the news shaped as concrete human-readable tasks (published to the CRM system or sent by email).

Who can benefit
from the expert system?

How it works

Relying on the order history, Phenomen builds a predictive behavior model for each customer and generates the relevant interaction recommendations
Phenomen does
the RFM analysis
The system determines the key parameters describing the customer base: regularity of orders, order probability by segments, conversion to second order, churn rate etc. Each customer is assigned an RF (reception, frequency) score.
of significant events
Phenomen constantly monitors the RF segment status of each customer, significant changes in the regularity and size of the orders, conversion (or lack thereof) to the second order etc.
Phenomen makes
CJM truly efficient
The system of rules, when triggered, adds tasks to the ad management systems, e-mail / SMS / push notification mailers when the customers are serviced en masse, or suggests actions to account managers in the CRM system (AMO-CRM, Bitrix24, etc.) if the company does direct sales.

Methodology and experts's marketing expert
Anton Terekhov
Corporate experience:
2021 - present time
— Digital Transformation Consultant, Prosveshchenie Publishing House
2015 - 2021
— Commercial Director, RBC Holding Companies
2013 - 2015
— Chief Investment Officer, Target Global
2014 - 2015
— E-commerce director, Russian Post
2011 - 2013
— CEO, and Begun
2009 - 2011
— E-commerce director TUI Russia / CIS
2006 - 2008
— Marketing director,
Over 12 years or the senior lecturer experience at RANEPA. Currently lectures and leads workshops part of the MBA/EMBA and advanced training programs at the Higher School of Economics, State University of Management, Moscow Pedagogical State University, Netology, RMA
The RF segmentation and customer-based personalization are well-known techniques described by Jim Novo in his "Drilling Down: Turning Customer Data Into Profits" book. The techniques came to the Russian market from the catalog trade industry and proved to work very well in the retail and wholesale realms.

Customer database marketing:
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* All prices are indicative; the final price depends on the quality of data submitted to the system and the required depth of customization of the processing bots.
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Customer Database Analysis and Marketing Based Thereon

Phenomen expert marketing system fuels your customer base development efforts. The system's customer retention features rely on RFM analysis and binary segmentation algorithm.

  • "Recency" (R) reflects how recently a particular event has happened.
  • "Frequency" (F) basically conveys the number of orders made.
  • "Monetary" (M) shows the revenue generated by a sale.

The RFM segmentation technique and cohort analysis are widely used in marketing and sales; they give wholesalers, retail chains and e-commerce companies actionable recommendations aimed at engaging each customer individually, in a deeply customized way.

Key benefits:

  • big data processing automation;
  • improved second order conversion rate;
  • reengagement of customers about to churn;
  • product-related recommendations;
  • manager performance assessment;
  • tracking of changes in LTV;
  • calculation of important parameters;
  • RF score calculation;
  • monitoring of significant events;
  • CJM development.

The expert system analyzes the history of orders and tracks customer's transition from one segment to another; helps understand why a customer's order amounts have grown smaller; compiles a segment of customers that bring the maximum revenue. RF segmentation allows determining the recency of orders and frequency of their placing.

Behavior model prediction is a reliable foundation for customer base management. The marketing expert system generates product-related recommendations and suggests ways to counter customer churn.

Integrated with your CRM and/or email/SMS/push notification mailers, Phenomen delivers tasks to those systems and makes them immediately actionable. The primary goal is to maximize return on marketing investments.

The system segments customers by a number of characteristics, including order amounts and contents (list of goods and services purchased). The data comes from a variety of sources, which means there is no need to annoy customers with personal questions.

The marketing expert system enables development of the customer relations strategy that is just right. Data analytics allows determining the real value of each customer for the business.