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easy way to apply
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Merchandise flow
Phenomen analyzes merchandise flow and collates it with the sales data to find pain points in the processes of sellers and manufacturers and recommend ways to remedy them.
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Effective B2B sales
The system analyzes data on sales, shipments to customers and contacts of managers with them to develop an array of triggers aiding sales reps and executive officers.
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Phenomen is more than just a reporting tool: the system finds patterns in the data and generates takes based on them.

The algorithms behind the task generation mechanism were developed by experienced experts, and Phenomen "acts on their behalf" and boosts the efficiency of managerial decisions significantly.
Anton Terekhov
CEO of Expert Systems

How it works

Cloud SAAS system that does
all the heavylifting associated with data.
You upload data from your IT systems
to Phenomen or make them accessible
via API.
Data collection
Professional experts formulate the rules defining how the data processed are used.
Incident model
Phenomen scans the data looking for patterns described by the experts, monitors incidents and deviations from corridor values.

Once there is a pattern match found or an event described by the the rules registered, Phenomen sets tasks before the respective staff members in Jira, AMO, Bitrix24, etc
(or in the system's own task tracker).

Grateful users of Phenomen:


Phenomen can be integrated with a variety of enterprise IT solutions to collect and exchange data and to set tasks for the staff members.
The most popular family of accounting systems on the Russian market. This is the key source of data for most of our projects. 1C has it all: order history, turnover balance sheets and much more. Our projects are adapted to the specifics and data structure of 1C products.
1С Accounting System
Many of our clients use amoCRM to automate client relations. This system has advanced API that Phenomen relies on to import the history of contacts with the customers and generate (and set) specific tasks aimed at realizing the full potential of relations. All the necessary integration connectors have been coded and tested. Moreover, for amoCRM we have also developed the functions that extend customer records with analytical data.
Bitrix 24
Bitrix24 is the main competitor of amoCRM. The principles governing data exchange are quite similar for these two CRM systems. Phenomen collects data on contacts with customers as inputs, processes them and outputs specific tasks straight to the CRM. The connectors enabling integration are currently being tested.


* All prices are indicative; the final price depends on the quality of data submitted to the system and the required depth of customization of the processing bots.
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Fully-fledged poll system!

Task tracker.

Welcome scenarios, system exploration and how-tos.
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Customized solution: expert system tailored to your needs.
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Fully-fledged poll system and task tracker.

All techniques from the library.

Customizable data exchange format and expert system techniques.

BI system (dashboards visualizing and processing the uploaded data).

Integrations with AMO-CRM, Bitrix-24.
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Expert partner program

We invite experts to train the systems (thus "expert systems") tailored to specific industries. Our clients benefit from the methods contributed to Phenomen, and experts receive a part of our revenue and expand the range of services provided.

Such partnerships are the main drive of Phenomen's development. If you are a consultant, auditor, microeconomics and/or management expert, we would love to work with you!

Media coverage

Sergei Leonov
BDO, Khoroshy Vybor
Retailers no longer compete on price. It is the speed of response to changes in the patterns of consumption that matters now. Many companies were not ready for this shift. But they can catch up with the help of expert systems.
Special coverage. Retail Tech 2021
Editor's Choice: Technological Solutions for the Domestic Market.
Phenomen. Expert Systems: Is It the Golden Standard for a Franchising Business Management?
Sergei Leonov
BDO, Khoroshy Vybor
Once introduced, the new technology boosted our turnover by 2.6%.

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Application of Expert Systems

Some business situations are best resolved with inputs from an expert, but such experts are not easily found nor always available. Enter Phenomen, an expert system that successfully substitutes for a much needed expert. The system relies on the digitized behavioral models of experts, facts and rules peculiar to the given industry/business field.

The decisions made with the help of the expert system are of the same quality as decisions that hinge on opinions expressed by experts in a given field. The key task solved by the expert system is automation of big data processing and subsequent search for answers to practical questions.

Phenomen is a cloud-based SaaS system based on the knowledge base compiled and filled by experts and continuously extended with their practical experience.

The systems supporting decision-making enable:

  • labor costs minimization;
  • problem resolution acceleration;
  • data management and storage simplification;
  • business process automation.

Phenomen is an integrated solution. It collects data from various sources and external research reports, and then processes them. Next, the system generates a script and a schedule of work with tasks for the executor, be it a person or a piece of software.

Phenomen relies on well-known data processing techniques to support managerial decision-making. The technology was developed for:

  • retail chains and e-commerce businesses;
  • category management;
  • B2B sales;
  • franchising management, etc.

The techniques support management of finances, customer relations, products, pricing, as well as control of operations, projects, business processes and human resources.